Call me Arsenal, Babysitting
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When the clone’s wife invited him over to their apartment, Roy imagined it would be some weird getting to know you kinda deal. 

What he didn’t expect to find when he arrived at the apartment was an angry neighbor holding a baby.

"You’re obviously the brother," the woman narrowed her eyes at Roy before thrusting the child into his hands.  "Your problem now. That bitch owes me," she slammed the door behind her, the smell of stale cigarettes and whiskey wafting through the hall from the push of air.

A baby. He knew the child existed, but to be expected to babysit? This was not okay. At all. What if she cried? Or needed to be fed? Or worse, what if she needed her diaper changed.

With no sense of how long this would take for the clone’s wife to return, Roy pushed open the apartment door and sat on the couch, staring at the child intently.

It wasn’t long before the kid started crying. Jade had, of course, left no number for Roy to reach her back at, which left him few choices.

He plugged his ear with one hand as he held the cell phone up to his other.  ”I’m so sorry to do this but Dinah’s on Watch Tower duty and I need help. Like now! It’s crying and I don’t know what to do, can you please please PLEASE come?” He had told Cassie that he was going to the apartment, but neither of them probably expected babysitting.

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